Our wedding

July 7th 2017,

The day I went from Miss to Madame.

See what I did there ^

If someone would’ve told 19 year old me, at 25 you are going to marry the man of your dreams in one of the most romantic cities on earth.. I would’ve laughed. Everyday I am still in awe of where I am, who I’m with and all of the changes that have occurred in my life this past year… It’s been A LOT.

As you know, my husband and I have families who live in two different countries which left us to make a decision about what kind of wedding we wanted to have. Although the idea of having an intimate wedding was something that we both wanted from the very beginning…The choice behind how intimate it was, was left to our circumstances.

With both of our extended families held close to our hearts on this day, we had an unforgettable day full of love and laughter accompanied by our parents, siblings, and a few best friends.

Here are some of our wedding day details!

Photographers:  Rudy and Marta photography

Venue: Private home in Antony France

After searching for a venue for months and having no luck, we were so incredibly grateful when a family friend invited us to have their home for our wedding.  This place was truly more perfect than I could have ever imagined for our special day.

2017-07-10_0008(pp_w768_h1149)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (50 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (328 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (146 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (2 of 615)IMG_5089RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (202 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (1 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (66 of 615)IMG_4943

Dress: La Sposa/Boutique: Pebbles Bridal, Woodland Hills CA 

Dress shoppingggggg!

I’m all about keeping things as simple as possible, when it came to finding my dress.. I just wanted to go with my mom, find it, buy it, love it and be done!

Luckily, it went exactly how I wanted.

During my moms visit for thanksgiving last year while I was still living in Los Angeles we made it our MISSION to find a dress by the end of the week that she was there.

After checking out a handful of stores all around LA and almost feeling like I was going to find NOTHING…we ran into Pebbles Bridal located in Woodland Hills CA. Our experience was nothing short of the best! Thanks to everyone at Pebbles Bridal the process of finding my dress was easy, efficient, and fun. I wanted something simple, yet elegant and romantic. I found exactly what I was looking for and I couldn’t have been happier with my choice!

RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (4 of 615)
Pebbles Bridal, La Sposa
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (6 of 615)
Pebbles Bridal, La Sposa
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (5 of 615)
Pebbles Bridal, La Sposa

One of my favorite moments of the day, My mom walked me down the aisle..

This moment was truly something that meant a lot to me. Growing up I thought about this moment a lot, who was going to walk me down the aisle when I got married? I had a fear that I wasn’t going to be like everyone else having a father to share this special moment with. Luckily those insecurities went away as I got older and realized what this moment was about. To think of the person who would give me away on my wedding day and take the most important walks of my life with it would never be anyone else but her. The woman who raised me, and the reason I am who I am today.. I loved this moment! 


Ceremony: by Florence Celebrance Bilingual French/English officiant 

Although I do want to keep the photos from our ceremony private, I do believe one of the most important people that helped make this day possible was our officiant Florence who delivered a beautiful and heartfelt bilingual ceremony in both French and English giving both of our families and friends equal opportunity to be in the moment with us.

With the majority of the ceremony in English Florence summarized each portion in French and also provided leaflets with the entire ceremony written in French for our family and friends to follow along if needed.

Florence Celebrance
Florence Celebrance

My best friends Laine and Taylor flew all the way in from Orlando and California to share this special day with me! 

Thank goodness for these girls.

IMG_5434 2
Taylor and Laine ❤
Taylor, Shalize, Laine
Me and my girls. Taylor and Laine ❤
Cotton Candy Machine!

Our families became one, I have brothers now!

I feel so blessed to have become a part of this beautiful family. From the very first moment I met them they welcomed me with open arms into their family and to now officially be one just feels so special.


Table settings/Decor: Handmade by yours truly! 

There’s something about making things on my own that makes it that much more special to me, so for a day like this I wanted to be responsible for everything that went into it from the table settings, decorations, invitations and more.  With the help of my husband, mom, and a few different craft stores..my vision came to life and I’m proud to say I did it!

RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (70 of 615)IMG_5452 2RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (68 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (67 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (72 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (512 of 615)RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (71 of 615)

My mom also made these for everyone to pin on their clothing, it’s a tradition in my family to have these made for baptisms, birthdays etc. I was excited when my mom told me she had some made for our wedding. Printed with our names and the date our wedding July 7th, 2017 they also made for a great keepsake for everyone to have as well!


Food: Coeur De Crepes Food Truck

Having a food truck for a wedding is the way to Go! My husband and I wanted something different for our wedding and we got it, with an assortment of tastings from different types of savory crepes, sweet crepes and pancake sale (sort of like a pancake sandwich common in France) the crepe truck was a perfect addition to our special day. The food truck also came equipped with a chocolate fountain and a variety of fruits to be dipped as well as coffee and tea  to end the meal. All we needed was to provide a parking spot, and the rest was done, the Duck and Goat cheese crepe was my favorite!

RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (503 of 615)
Coeur De Crepes Food Truck
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (507 of 615)
Galettes- Savory Crepe
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (505 of 615)
Coeur De Crepes Food Truck- The owner herself!
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (497 of 615)
Coeur De Crepes Food Truck
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (508 of 615)
Galletes- Savory Crepes
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (509 of 615)
Coeur De Crepes Food Truck
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (481 of 615)
Coeur De Crepes Food Truck
RMP_Shalize_Gaylor_Paris (483 of 615)
Pancake Sale


Carrrot Cake Cupcakes made by a family friend! 

Carrot Cake Cupcakes By Elodie

And the best part about the whole day, I married my best friend and love of my life! DUH

IMG_4929 2IMG_5451 2IMG_4933

Facetune-2IMG_5440 2IMG_5441

IMG_5348IMG_5057 2IMG_5457

This day was perfect, marrying this man was a dream come true. For what it took to get where we are today was stressful at times but it was all worth it for this very moment. Which leads me into what my next post will be about. Marrying a french citizen was not easy…more paper work fun! In my next post I’ll take you through the steps on what it takes to marry a french citizen in France and why marrying in France was a better decision for us rather than in the United States.

I dedicate this post to our family and friends who couldn’t be there on this day. Love you guys ❤


Shalize ❤



7 thoughts on “Our wedding

  1. I cry nothing but tears of happiness for you both. You know if I flew I would have surprised you! I was with you in spirit.❤️ I wish you all the best married life had to offer and nothing less. May God Bless you both on your new chapter in your life.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hello!

    You seem so sweet and terribly happy in theses photos. I really liked your post and it made me so ready to say yes in next May!!!

    Xoxo love.
    Noémie. ( madamelamoureuse on instagram)



    1. Thank you so much for your sweet words and reading my post Noemie! Im so happy for you to get married in May! I am sure it will be a wonderful experience. 🙂

      xoxo Love


  3. Hi Shalize,
    I found this post by coincidence. Well, thanks to Google Analytics… but it was really a coincidence. Thank you to include me in your article.
    I can really say that you were so beautiful on this day and so in love.
    I wish you the best for your future together. I saw you move in Orleans… At the end, you will know France better than everyone. 😉


  4. Simply Beautiful Cousin!! You are truly blessed!!! Many Women wish they were in your shoes!! I want to say to your husband, Welcome to the Theus Family!! You are truly blessed, because you have a wife, who is a Theus Woman We are loving, loyal, kind and sweet . Treat my Cousin Shalize, with the most highest love and respect. May you both keep God 1st in your marriage and you will be just fine.

    Much Love,
    Your Cousin Loretta R. Theus

    Liked by 1 person

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