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Tips on bringing your pet abroad!

Tips on bringing your pet abroad!

Shalize Curier

I created MisstoMadame as a place for me to share all of my experiences as an American expat living in France..

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  1. Osyth

    Bienvenue en France à vous et à Bentley. Your post is excellent. I fly to and from the US from France and use Air France. My dog is small enough to fly in the cabin and we have had no problems. I can also recommend Hop! If you want to fly internally in France. Railways are excellent too and dog friendly so long as they are carried in a bag. You mention other countries. The big headache is Britain. You can only fly a dog as freight and it is highly costly. The way that we do it is to drive and use the EuroTunnel which I also highly recommend should you want to make a hop across la Manche. You cannot take a dog on the Eurostar train unless it is a guide-dog. Well done for an excellent article and I wish you a very happy time in Orléans with your adorable furry friend 😊

    1. Shalize Giane

      Hi Osyth, thank you so much for your comment and feedback! My furry friend and I are loving Orleans. xx

      1. Osyth

        It’s such a pretty town – I’m not at all surprised. In fact this weeks M6 ‘Chasseures d’Appart’ is from Orléans 🙂

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