Les pissenlits, Orleans France

Just as I anticipated, we made it back to Rue du Bourgogne!

This time we had dinner at Les Pissenlits Par La Racine  which means “Dandelions by the root”..And once again I have no idea what that means but it sounds nice!

This place was actually right next door to the last restaurant we went to featured in my last post Our first night in Orleans.


Again, we had a nice evening sitting outside enjoying the beautiful weather and even better food! My husband and I are trying our very best to enjoy dining outside as much as we can while we still can! Winter is soonnnnn approaching.

Here are details on what we ate that night! 

My husbands choice: Filet Mignon au Miel et champignons 

Price: 13.50 euros

orleans france food, les pissenlits restaurant review
Les Pissenlits, Filet mignon au miel et champignon


Filet Mignon served in a bowl with an abundance of sweet honey sauce, mushrooms, caramelized onions and freshly chopped chives. You can’t go wrong with this dish, the flavor combinations are like WOAH. The filet mignon au miel definitely reminded me of the meal I had at Les Pieds Dans plat in my previous post (Getting settled in our new home Orleans France). However it’s hard to say which I would prefer, both were outstanding.. how do I know this? Because of course I always have minimum 2 bites of my husbands food. Have to. 😉


Les pissenlits orleans france restaurant review
Pissenlits, filet mignon au miel et champignon


My choice: Magret de Canard au sauce au sirop d’erable, Frites maison 

Price: 14.50 euros 

Les pissenlits orleans france restaurant review

Here I go again with the duck talk. I’m not really sure where my obsession with duck has come from but ever since I’ve gotten to this Country I can’t get enough. Magret de Canard is a filet of lean duck meat. It’s super soft, delicate and completely mouthwatering! Not to mention the sauce that came along with it just made it that much better, “Sauce au sirop d’erable” is pretty much like a maple syrup sauce. This delicious fillet was served with French Fries.


Les pissenlits orleans france restaurant review
Les Pisenlitts, Magret de Canard


Let’s talk French Fries/Frites

I’ve always wondered if there would be a difference between the fries we eat in America versus the fries in France, I mean they are called French Fries.


American French Fries
French French Fries


It’s clear that both of these french fries look the same for the most part.. coming in all different shapes and sizes just like in America.

Is there a difference?

What’s come to my attention is the quality along with the quality of almost all food here.. the food tastes REAL. Fries have a whole new meaning.

Although I would’ve preferred some sort of puree/mashed potatoes along with the Magret de Canard or even veggies. We both had a great meal, once again!

Want to visit Les Pissenlits Par La Racine?

Address: 255 rue de Bourgogne
45000 Orléans

Phone: 02 38 53 18 60

Hours: Open Monday- Sunday 


Before I close this one…

That fry talk had me thinking.

I remember when I first came to visit Paris and I asked my husband if we could go try a REAL FRENCH TOAST! I was SO excited..

French toast, not from France.


He gave me a strange look and asked me what it was.. “what do you mean isn’t French toast French!?”

Well..new to my knowledge, it isn’t exactly.

Which has really made me wonder what other things do we think are French in the US that aren’t? Like the french bread in the grocery store did it really come from France? Does it taste like the bread in France? What about French manicures? and French kissing?? hmm. Where did all of these French inspired names originate from?

Im interested to find out.

Until next time!

xo Shalize

2 thoughts on “Les pissenlits, Orleans France

  1. I think the most yummy thing about your meal is the handsome man sitting across from you. Such a beautiful couple!!! I am enjoying reading these.


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