Cha + tea bar Orleans France

Bubble Waffles and Boba Tea at Cha + tea bar, Orleans France

Want to know where to get an amazing sweet treat while visiting Orleans?

Cha + tea bar is the place to go!

Whether you’re looking for a thirst quenching Boba tea with a variety of options and flavors, or if you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth and go all out with a GIANT waffle filled with ice cream, cookies, strawberries, Nutella and anything else you can think of… Cha + tea bar has got you covered!

Cha + tea bar orleans france

Cha + tea bar orleans france
Waffle Makers!
The owner herself!
Cha + tea bar orleans france
Boba Tea!

While browsing Instagram on a lazy afternoon I came across a photo of the bubble waffle. I remember thinking.. WHAT IS THAT!?

Chaplus tea bar

With a love for sweets unlike anyone else I know.. without question, this place had to be added to our list of places to visit!

Cha+ tea bar is about a ten minute walk from Cathedral Sainte Croix right off of Jeanne D’ Arc, on Rue Sainte- Catherine.

When approaching the tea bar I could see a bunch of people inside and outside with a line out the door. I thought to myself right away, “this is gonna be goooddddd”


While waiting patiently for our turn to order, we had a chance to check out the menu, giving us the perfect amount of time to create the Bubble Waffle concoction of our dreams. I wanted EVERYTHING.


So that’s pretty much what I got.

Waffle #1

Chaplus tea bar Orleans France
Vanilla brownie ice cream, strawberries, chocolate Mikado, whipped cream and NUTELLA!

Waffle #2 (Can you guess which ones mine)

Chaplus tea bar Orleans France
Vanilla brownie ice cream, m&ms, oreos, bananas, whipped cream, and NUTELLA.

And here is a photo after I demolished it!


These pictures are pretty self-explanatory, there’s no question that we had an amazing experience. With inside and outside seating available, we dug into our waffles on one of the tables right across the street with a few other waffle lovers.

One of the best parts about it was that it wasn’t messy. The bubble waffle held its own, while still maintaining its soft, yet crispy outside texture. Once you’ve eaten enough of the inside you can hold it like a sandwich and stay completely stain free!

What about the Boba Tea??

The Boba Tea was Great!! Unlike some of the places I’ve tried in Los Angeles, Cha + tea bar had a pretty authentic take on the types of options they had, something I’d never seen before.

Cha + tea bar boba tea menu
Boba Tea menu
Cha+ tea bar Orleans France Boba Tea
Green Tea and Coconut milk with mango boba!
Cha+ Tea bar orleans France Boba Tea
Black Tea and Passion Fruit with Strawberry boba!

I can’t say that I’m completely happy that Cha + tea bar opened up in Orleans because I’m not really sure how I am going to resist going EVERYDAY. It’s awesome.



I am deff looking forward to mixing it up and trying some of the other Boba Tea flavors!

Want to visit Cha + tea bar?

29 Rue Sainte Catherine, Orleans France 45000

Open EVERYDAY from 11:00am-8:00pm

Instagram: Cha + tea bar

As always, Until next time!

Thanks for reading!


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