Les Fils a Maman Cordon Bleu

The Perfect Sunday Brunch: Les fils a Maman Orleans 

Can it be Sunday brunch everyday!?

I just love Sunday’s especially in this city. Seeing everyone outside, enjoying each others company, riding bikes, eating… It’s so different from where I grew up, where a car is required for everywhere you go and walking outside is often unimaginable considering how hot it is most of the time in Florida.

My first visit to Les Fils a Maman was in Rouen, after hearing my husband and his teammates go on and on about how good it was..my first time was well anticipated..And like every other restaurant experience in this country so far, I was left not left disappointed.



While taking a walk down the infamous Rue du Bourgogne here in Orleans, my husband and I ran into a Les Fils a Maman “There’s one in Orleans?!” with what seems like never ending hunger we immediately went inside and asked for a table. Turns out it was not that easy. Table reservations for Les Fils a maman must be booked A WEEK in advanced. Looks like we aren’t the only ones in love with this place.

Les Fils a Maman is known for its homeade food and playful ambiance. Les Fils a maman means “mamas boy” through out the restaurant you will find walls covered in old photos and magazine cut outs featuring characters from your favorite childhood tv shows. You will even see shelves with tons of vintage toys that might bring back a few memories. It’s as if you were having a meal at your childhood friends moms house. But wait, It gets even better. If you happen to take a bathroom break.. again you will find walls covered in photos and even a tv inside of the stall! Yes I said TV. Vintage cartoons playing while your handling your business. Talk about quality entertainment.

After waiting a week…. it was finally Sunday Beunch time! 

Although Les Fils a Maman is open daily, my favorite is their brunch special.

Les fils a maman menu
Les Fils a maman menu
Les fils a maman menu
Les fils a Maman brunch menu
With just 22 euros you get an unforgettable all inclusive brunch!

What did we have?

les fils a maman orleans
Your choice of juice, coffee, tea or cappuccino to start.
 (Don’t worry, alcohol is available as well. )

And the best part, the meals. 

I do warn you, when planning to go to Les Fils a Maman for brunch make sure you have more then enough space in your stomach to get through it all. 

Les Fils a Maman Cordon Bleu
Chicken Cordon Bleu with fires and mushroom sauce

I was told that the Cordon Bleu was the best thing on the menu, so of course I got it without hesitation. The fried chicken breast is filled with crispy bacon and creamy Gorgonzola cheese. Along with the fries and side salad came a mushroom sauce to remember, that was my favorite part. I even finished it with some of my fries! 


Les fils a maman
Salmon Tartar
Les fils a maman
Salmon Tartar, served with fries, scrambled eggs and Goat cheese/honey egg rolls!
 This plate is pretty random, but not a bad random. The waiter let us know that this plate in particular was pretty heavy considering all that came with it, little did he know my husband eats EVERYTHING. 

The salmon was fresh and extremely tasty, and the goat cheese and honey egg rolls were a perfect addition. I’ve been loving a good goat cheese honey combination lately.  

All that plus the fries scrambled eggs AND a side salad.. I think you are good for the rest of the day… 



I always say no matter how full I am from a meal, there’s always space for dessert.. always. 

Sablé de Petit Lu: Nutella, Banana and whipped cream! 

The bottom was a cookie, which reminded me of cookie dough, and to top it Nutella, banana and whipped cream. I love sweets so unless something was absolutely terrible I’m happy as long as there is chocolate, proof in the photos below. 

 Le Trumble: Based off a popular French dessert Tarte Tatin, this dessert is perfect for any of you apple pie lovers out there. The texture is a little bit different, it reminded me of a flan. Tasting better then any apple pie I’ve ever had, this was a nice twist on your classic apple pie. 

IMG_6996 2
Liking what you see? Les Fils à Maman luckily has locations ALL OVER FRANCE! So no matter where you are visiting within the country you can make sure to get your French homeade Brunch fix. 

Les fils a Maman locations
Les fils a Maman locations

Don’t forget to call ahead! 

Thanks for reading! 


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