L'as Du Fallafel

L’as Du Fallafel, Paris France

Fallafels in Paris! 

L’as Du Fallafel is known as one of the number one place in Paris to try out the infamous middle eastern inspired Fallafel. Located in the Jewish quarter of Le Marais, Paris France you will find this bright green restaurant busy and filled with tons of people daily.

I really wasn’t sure what a Fallafel was exactly when my husband brought it up, apparently it was a sandwich filled with a Fallafel…. and a bunch of stuff? and was very highly sought out by everyone who lived in/visited Paris. I’m never opposed to trying new things, so on our visit to Paris for the weekend we ventured off to Le Marais for some shopping and Fallafels!

Le Marais 

Le Marais is one of my favorite areas in Paris, it’s busy.. full of restaurants and shopping. You can definitely spend an entire day there exploring. With so many restaurants and shops, even if Fallafels aren’t your thing it’s still a must see place to visit. It’s also not too far from larger destinations such as the Louvre museum and the Champs Elysses which are both a short subway ride away.. or if you are up for walking and sight seeing that’s an option too!

Le Marais Paris
Le Marais Paris

What is a Fallafel? 

Fallafel is a traditional middle eastern food, it’s usually a deep fried doughnut or patty made from ground chick peas. At L’as Du Fallafel, Fallafels are served inside a pita in the shape of a pocket with a mixture of salad, eggplant, hummus, pickled vegetables and variety of sauces such as tahini or hot sauce inside.

L'as Du Fallafel
L’as Du Fallafel- Fallafel sandwich

Not interested in deep fried chick peas?

There’s also a couple of different options on the menu, like what I got, The Chicken Schnitzel! The chicken Schnitzel was almost the same as the traditional Fallafel, they basically just switch out the Fallafel balls for some deep fried breaded chicken breast.

L'as Du Fallafel
L’as Du Fallafel Chicken Schnitzel

When taking a visit to Las Du Fallafel be prepared for a wait. Unless you get lucky and arrive in a slow time during the afternoon. L’as Du Fallafel is usually packed with people and a nice long line down the street. However, they have a good technique down for getting everyone’s order in, in a timely manner. Before you know it you’ll be at the front of the line Fallafels in hand!

How do you eat this thing?? 

You have two options.

Grab a fork and dig in, and work your way up to eating it like a sandwich.. Or if you are confident enough in your bite size. Go all in and eat it like a sandwich.. I’d advise you to grab some napkins if you take this route… this thing is pretty big.

You’ll notice that in the area there are a few other Fallafel joints. There’s some mean Fallafel competition going on in La Marais!

According to the New York Times AND the Lenny Kravitz himself L’as Du Fallafel takes the win though.

However, I wouldn’t be opposed to trying out the other Fallafels just to be sure which one is really the best in my own opinion.. more reason to eat more Fallafels!

Here’s a short video I put together to show a little bit of our Fallafel experience!

Want to visit L’as Du Fallafel?

Address  : 32 Rue des Rosiers, 75004 Paris
 Open from 12pm-11:00pm everyday
Saturday’s open from 6:30pm-11:00pm
Thanks for reading!
xo Shalize

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