Cheese Wheel Pasta and my Top 10 things to do in London!

Last time I visited London I was on my way to live in India for the summer to work on a tv show, with about 10 hours to spare on a layover….

Since then, it has been my dream to go back and see more of what London has to offer. Luckily my brother and sister in law live there and it gave me the perfect opportunity to go and spend some time with them and do London things!

Living in France makes it much easier AND cheaper to travel to other countries near by, for just 60 euros I got a round trip bus ticket to London! Just 60!! Using Flix Bus. Within just a few hours I was in London! Flixbus is available all over Europe!

After arriving in London I had a list of a few things that were important for me to eat/see during my trip. My brother and sister in law played the perfect tour guides in making sure we got everything done!

1. Fish n Chips…OF COURSE
You just cannot visit London without having fish n chips at Poppies fish n chips, known as the best fish n chips in London.

This isn’t your ordinary fish sticks and fries out of the oven from home (which was the only fish n chips I’ve ever experienced). With a choice between Cobb and Halibut, I wasn’t expecting such a huge well cooked piece of fish! Paired with the Poppies Blonde Ale…10 thumbs up.

It was very clear why it’s named London’s best fish n chips.

We went to the Poppie’s location in Shoreditch which was a cute trendy area full of shopping, coffee shops, pubs and food. However Poppie’s has two more locations through out London, in Spittle Fields as well as Camden so there’s plenty of opportunity to have a try!

2. Take a ride on the Tube

Turns out we took way more then just one ride on the Tube. We used the Tube to go EVERYWHERE and I must say after using the trains in Paris and NYC, the Tube was a much easier process overall. However my biggest piece of advice when riding the Tube is to stay away from the Central line during peak hours! Talk about a packed train. Since the Tube is a little smaller then a regular train due to its « tube » like shape it tends to feel even more crowded.

When using the tube, you’ll need in Oyster card similar to the metro card in NYC. Through-out your trip it’s pretty simple to add money to your card to pay for your rides.

3. Cheese Wheel Pasta in Camden Town 

So, I came across this video on Facebook.. you know those videos that highlight on unique food and restaurants in different parts of the world that make your mouth water and you know the only place you’ll only ever be able to try it is in your dreams..  Well, that’s how I felt after seeing the video on pasta made in a giant wheel of milky Parmesan cheese, but I knew whenever I made it to London going here was a MUST. Actual dream come true.

After taking the Tube to Camden Town, I wasn’t sure what to expect after arriving. Coming off the train, Camden Town reminded me a lot of China town in NYC full of independent sellers and flea markets minus the Chinese influence.

Walking through the streets of Camden Town you can find pretty much ANYTHING you need. I’d dedicate an entire day to exploring Camden Town. There is SO much to see. When walking through Camden Town you’ll eventually find a sign that reads “Camden Lock” right next to it is Camden Kerb Market.. simply put.. it’s a total food lovers PARADISE. A gigantic food market full of any type of cuisine you can think of!

kerb market 2kerb market

but what we really came for… CHEESE WHEEL PASTA.

After navigating our way through the busy market, we finally found it…



YES, it is as amazing as it looks. I even compared it to pasta in Rome, which I thought was impossible…but it really was THAT good and well worth the wait. We walked around a little longer, and tried out some crepes, burgers and even had some authentic Ethiopian Coffee. Needless to say we were STUFFED. Camden Kerb Market is a real treat.

4. Visit Big Ben

Well, I finally got to see Big Ben! However it’s under construction for the next four years, so this is all I got. Still counts right? :/


5. Take a walk on the London Tower Bridge 

London Tower Bridge is blue, that was news to me. It was spectacular, it gave me the same feeling as seeing the Eiffel Tower for the first time.. with a castle in the background when looking out over the railings and seeing the big two story red buses drive by on it, I really felt my 90s Spice World dreams come true.

IMG_8639IMG_8659Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

6. Visit Piccadilly Circus and Oxford Street 

Wow! Piccadilly Circus reminded me so much of Manhattan! An area full of things to do and places to see, whether its shopping, seeing a show, or having a bite to eat Piccadilly circus is the place to go to catch a real London City vibe. Take the tube to Tower Hill and you’re there!



7. Take a photo in one of the London’s infamous red telephone booths! 

If your gonna be a tourist, be a tourist! You can find these telephone booths all throughout London, plentttyy of opportunities.

Processed with VSCO with hb2 preset

8. Have a beer or 3 at a London Pub 

It just feels necessary.


Things I wish I did…

Sometimes you just can’t do it all in one trip. If I didn’t get the chance to do it, you should.

9. Take a ride on the London Eye. 

It’s magical and probably has the most amazing views, I got to see it while visiting the Big Ben, which it’s not to far from. There was the most beautiful pink sunset that night.


and lastly..

10. Take a ride on a red double decker bus! 


How did I not?? I’m not sure actually.. I was too busy riding the tube and eating everything and actually forgot. By the time I knew it, it was time to go back to France. But, clearly this is a must do thing when visiting London.

What was my favorite??

I’d say Camden was my favorite part of the trip and enjoying quality time with my brother and sister in law. Also, to be honest speaking english and being around english speaking people for a moment was pretty refreshing. However, by the end of the trip I couldn’t wait to get back to my husband, my dog and my cute little city of Orleans. Big Cities are Exhausting!

Thanks for reading!

Shalize ❤

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