My favorite French Pastries


Last month made a YEAR since my big move to France. I honestly cannot believe a year has gone by so fast! There has been so much I’ve been wanting to share about my experiences here but I felt like I really needed to immerse myself fully before I started giving anymore advice or tips about living in France.

It’s no secret that the french culture is well known for it’s pastries. When walking around France there is no doubt that you’ll see at least one bakery (boulangerie) on every street.

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After a year of living my very best “French” life.. I developed a very strong liking for a few pastries…Here are my top 5 favorites!


France is FULL of pastries of all different kinds that are probably AMAZING! These are just my favorites. 🙂

In order….

Pain Au Raisin: I don’t care what anyone says…. THIS IS THE BEST PASTRY IN THIS COUNTRY. If you are like me and like raisins… this gooey and most satisfying raisin treat will rock your world.


Croissant: We all know what a croissant is. I’m a bread lover and croissants have actually been one of my favorites since I was a child. HOWEVER, You haven’t had a real croissant until you have one in France. THERE IS A DIFFERENCE!


Macaron: Not only are they cute but they are so tasty and there’s plenty of flavors to choose from. Out of all the pastries on my list.. you can’t visit France without having one or.. 10. 🙂



Pain Au Chocolat: This pastry is very similar to a croissant BUT it has chocolate inside. Enough said.


Croissant Aux Amandes: Just because this one is the last one on my list.. it shouldn’t give you reason to think any less of it. This actually used to be my fav when I first arrived in France until I got a taste of all the other ones :). Needless to say its still AMAZING. If your into Buttery sweetness with a hint of almonds… this one is for you.

The one with the almond shavings on top. 🙂
What real happiness looks like.

There you have it! My top 5 favs….

Oh and can’t forget my other love..



Hope you all enjoyed reading!


Au revoir ❤