Sunday’s in France

Bon Dimanche!

Oh Sunday’s.

Before moving to France my Sunday’s in LA consisted of teaching pilates 7:45 am to noon and then going on to my second job. For most of my life, I never really noticed any real differences between Sunday and the rest of the week besides store hours changing very slightly. We went to church, we did groceries, errands.. etc..

Living in France has introduced me to a completely different kind of Sunday. When visiting any city in France you’ll find that 90% of the city will be completely shut down on Sunday’s…If not just open for a few short hours in the morning. Which gives pretty much everyone no other option then to stay home with family, enjoy time for themselves and simply relax. No shopping, no errands, and you also won’t see very many people outside.

Orleans on a Sunday.. 

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A little history… 

In France Sunday’s are known as the day of complete rest. France has a very long tradition of Catholicism. To the Catholics, Sunday is the day of the Lord and therefore everyone does not work…Instead they go to church.
Now that religion and state have separated from each other, only a minority still goes to church on Sunday’s.. but the tradition for this day remains a day where you should relax from a long week of work and spend time with family.  Following this tradition, most shops stay closed on Sundays.

So what do you do on Sunday’s in France??!?!

It took a few months to get used to the whole resting thing. I was constantly getting frustrated with the fact that stores weren’t open and feeling like I couldn’t get anything done. Now, I’ve learned how Sunday’s work here and it’s not as much of a shock. I’m embracing the relaxation and have become more in tune with myself/family and why it is important to wind down before the week starts again. I’ve relaxed more in one year than I have in the last three..

When visiting Paris or larger cities in France.. due to tourism, the Sunday traditions are little different. You’ll find that there are more places open and there are much more things to do.

Here in Orleans, (a smaller city about an hour away from Paris) It took us a while to find ANYTHING that was open on Sunday’s.. Until we came across a cute tea shop with an outside terrace and it has now become my husband and I’s Sunday tradition. With the weather warming up, it’s been a perfect place to relax and enjoy coffee/tea and treats!


Today, we had Violette hot chocolate with green mochi and gingerbread. 🙂 YUM!

What are everyone else’s Sunday traditions?!?

I hope everyone is having a beautiful Sunday!

Thanks for reading.

Shalize ❤

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