Halloween in France.. Is it a thing?

Hi everyone!

Here we are, in October!

My 19th month living abroad!

So the questions is…

Do the French celebrate Halloween?

The real answer is.. yes.. and no…

Yes, some people do celebrate Halloween but it’s not comparable to the way Halloween is celebrated in the US.

However, in the last few years Halloween in France has slowly begun being celebrated more and more.

Halloween is more of an english speaking country tradition. The french are more likely to focus on November 1st, a christian holiday called “Toussaint” (all saints) which is the celebration of the christian saints. On November 2nd there is “Fete des morts” which is geared towards celebrating the memory of the dead. Costumes, candy, and cute things are less likely to be seen around the town. Everything you’ll see is probably more on the scary side.

When in France if you are expecting to go to a pumpkin patch or find extravagant halloween decorations for your home/cool and unique costumes for your children you are better off shopping online or making it on your own. While costume stores and halloween stores are open with a variety of costumes/decorations to choose from most of the options are a bit old school, and on the scary side and not so much on the cute side. (In my opinion..)

Here are the very few decorations I found around the city this weekend here in Orleans!


We were also lucky enough to find this Canadian shop that had pumpkin beer!


and then I saw this Orange Nutella Macaron that seemed appropriate. YUM.


Why was celebrating Halloween so important to me?

When October started rolling around, I knew that if I wanted to celebrate halloween in any way at all (like the way I’m used to) I was going to have to make it happen on my own…

Halloween has always been an exciting holiday for me, my friends and family growing up in the US. I was surprised to learn that my husband never celebrated it growing up.. never even dressed up as a kid or went trick or treating! and he absolutely loves candy.. he really missed out!

After a year of living in France I realized that if this is where we were going to be for a while, it’s going to be completely up to me to keep my country/family traditions going in my own household for not just halloween but for every holiday that I grew up celebrating. With that said, it’s not about the holiday itself…. because I’m not even super crazy about halloween BUT its about the memories and traditions that come along with it that I want our family to have as well, no matter where we are! One of my favorite parts about being an expat is experiencing and sharing the french culture with my husband so its only natural for me to share mine as well.

I took this year to experiment with different foods to make themed treats for a little get together at our house.

Here’s what I came up with..


I found this idea online and knew I had to do it. Can’t go wrong with guac! image-8

I think cheeseballs are officially my go to easy party snack! Super easy and GOOD. Naturally a cheeseball that resembles a pumpkin was necessary.

  • I mixed together 2 packages of plain Philadelphia cream cheese, 1 pack of Philadelphia herbs cream cheese, 1 pack of shredded cheddar cheese, a handful of  crispy bacon, salt, pepper, garlic salt and chives! Topped with a green pepper stem and crushed cheesy Doritos!

image-9Pigs in a blanket? NO MUMMIES!

  • I cut some chicken hot dogs in half and wrapped them with thin slices on pie crust, popped them in the oven for a few minutes and added the mustard eye balls once they were cool. Easy!

image-11It’s always fun introducing new things to our friends and family here. Vodka infused Gummies it is!

  • I put the gummies in a bowl, poured a good amount of vodka over them, making sure they were all covered..Let them marinate for 24 hours in the fridge and that’s it!

anddddd I of course wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity for a family costume!


I’m pretty sure neither one of us imagined ourselves dressing up as a family.. dog included.. as elephants.. but here we are people!

Happy Halloween from the Curier’s!

It’s our first time living in a house this year, we are hoping for at least a few tricker treaters on Wednesday! Fingers Crossed!

Thanks for reading!

xo Shalize

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