Things to do in Paris- Palais Garnier- Opera National De Paris

November 2, 2018-

Last weekend one of my dreams came true….

My husband surprised me with tickets to see a ballet performance at the Palais Garnier – Opera National De Paris!

I had been dreaming of seeing a show inside of such an amazing theater for probably my entire life…Since moving to France, I’ve admired the Palais Garnier countless times from the outside but never really imagined I’d be able to go inside, let alone see a show!


What is the Palais Garnier?

The Palais Garnier also known as the Opera Garnier or Opera de Paris… is one of the worlds most famous Opera houses located in the 9th arrondissement in Paris not too far from the infamous Galleries Lafayette. It seats about 2,000 people and is FULL of some of the most amazing architecture, art, chandeliers and just everything french and fancy you can imagine. It’s like a dream!

We started our night across the street from the opera at a brasserie perfect for pre show drinks, with a nice view of the Opera.


The doors opened at 7:00pm for the 7:30pm show but the line was so long..we decided to  enjoy our glass of wine across the street until the line got shorter and entered around 7:20pm.. perfect timing!

Walking up the stairs into the Opera I was literally just as excited as a kid in a candy store!!  I wasn’t really sure what to expect going inside…


And what was inside left me completely speechless and I have no words so here you go…



I mean.. right?? Breathtaking.

Once walking into the opera it was pretty easy to find our seats.. when you find your section there is a doorman waiting to check your tickets and open the door to the little room where you will find your seats. It’s just like in the movies!



Our Section was pretty centered, it was the first level just above the floor seats the view was perfect!

When I’m saying I had no idea what to expect walking into this place I am not kidding.. once I sat down in my velvety plush red chair, I looked out into the theater.. and… cried. Just a little… I couldn’t believe I was sitting in such a magical place! Absolutely beautiful!





We saw a ballet tribute to choreographer Jerome Robbins which featured 4 separate dance pieces all very different in style and theme but all amazing! Each section was about 25 minutes long, with a 20 minute intermission at the half way mark. Being that it was my husbands first time seeing a ballet or any kind of dance show. I was worried it was going to be too boring for him or he would fall asleep lol.. luckily he didn’t! He made it all the way through and from what I could see he really enjoyed it!

In other words…those of you who are wondering whether or not you can get your significant other to go to a ballet… If my husband could get through it AND like it… anything is possible! 😉

The music from the orchestra was the cherry on top! Not only do you get to enjoy a beautiful show but also…authentic LIVE, beautiful music.

After the first two pieces we had a 20 minute intermission which is a perfect time to grab a glass of champagne or a bite to eat. They have a few different food and drink options available for purchase!



I recommend grabbing a glass of champagne to enjoy on one of the many balconies surrounding the second level of the opera.. perfect view to see everything above and around you!

When it’s time to head back to your seats you’ll know! There are bells ringing through out the entire place.. letting everyone know.. it’s time!

Once the show was over we had some extra time inside to look around and enjoy it a little longer.. I didn’t want it to end!


Outside of the Opera, there are plenty of things to see and places to go/places to eat near by so don’t hesitate to enjoy the area a little more! The 9th arrondissement is one of my favorite neighborhoods in Paris, tons of people outside lots of shopping and more..

This experience without a doubt is something new to add to my list of recommendations of things to do in Paris. If you are not interested in seeing a show.. there are a few other options for visiting the Palais Garnier you can find here: Palais Garnier Visits , I read that there is also a restaurant inside!



I’ll treasure my first time at the Palais Garnier for years to come!!

Until next time!

❤ Shalize


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