Visiting Rue Cremieux, Paris France

A visit to that famous colorful street in Paris..


I’ve seen this street in SO many different pictures and “Must do” lists for Paris, but I was never really sure of exactly what it was.

What is Rue Cremieux?

It really is just a street with a bunch of cute colorful cottages and although it is charming and one of a kind.. it really isn’t much more than a perfect place for an insta pic!


My first thought when I arrived to Rue Cremieux was WOW… do people actually live here? Considering the amount of photographers and different people taking photos..  It seemed like it would be a bit disturbing to have people constantly on your block snapping photos. But can you blame them? It’s SO cute.


With that said, it was surprising for me to hear that these are really people’s homes…

Rue Cremieux is located in the 12th arrondisment… a short walk from the Gare de Lyon!


Rue Cremieux: 228 Rue de Bercy (Beginning) 19 Rue de Lyon (End)

The residents of Rue Cremieux take pride in their beautifully pastel colored homes and it is clear in the way they are kept, from the painting to the landscaping and little accents outside of each persons home making them special and different from one another.


There are exactly 35 identical english style cottages down the road! It really felt like I was out of Paris for a moment and more like a disney movie set! It didn’t seem real..



On my way out, right on the corner of Rue de Lyon..I did notice this vegan cafe! You can’t miss it. I didn’t have a chance to go inside but I am definitely looking forward to trying it out next time I’m in the area!


I wish there was more too it, but like I said before… if you are looking for the perfect colorful backdrop for your next insta post during your trip to Paris.. Rue Cremieux is your spot!!

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Thanks for reading!

❤ Shalize






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