Things to do in Paris: Paris Catacombs


Today’s post is a little on the spooky side…

Visiting the Paris Catacombs was a pretty unique experience unlike any other I’ve had in Paris. While most of my experiences include visiting beautiful places and eating great food. This experience in particular was one to remember…

What are the Paris Catacombs?

According to wikipedia..

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 10.28.28 AM

Visiting the Catacombs was never high up on my to do list as I wasn’t really sure what to expect when I thought about visiting an ancient underground cemetery with the remains of over 6 million people from centuries ago.. I MEAN.. AHHH.

The Paris Catacombs are located at 1 Avenue du Colonel Henri Rol-Tanguy, 75014 Paris- there is actually a metro station right outside of the entrance- “Denfert Rochereau”.

Inside the train station you will see signs that say Catacombs and you can just follow them to the exit. Once you exit the train station, look straight ahead and you’ll see the entrance.


When arriving at the Catacombs I had already read online that the line tends to be long but I wasn’t sure what to expect. It didn’t look too bad when we approached the building but we ended up waiting exactly one hour to enter.


For adults the ticket price is 13.00 Euros, you can find additional ticket information here- Catacombs Paris.


Upon entering the building the security check and purchasing of tickets was pretty quick.  After doing this you are pretty much left on your own to explore through the catacombs in the guided trail.. Don’t worry there a good number of people doing the same thing. With gates and different doors blocking access to certain areas it is impossible to get lost or go the wrong way.

The first thing you’ll do is go down a very very very long stair case..


Once arriving at the bottom you’ll reach an area with loads of pictures and information about the Catacombs and it’s history!




Just around the corner you’ll see a long hallway, this is where the real catacombs experience will begin.

Walking through the first section took about 5 minutes.. it was dark.. small.. and spooky.. if you are having any second thoughts, the time to leave the time is NOW… before you get in too deep.


After walking through the long hallway we started to see some things. It was crazy to think how far underground we were, it was a complete whole different world down there. It was HUGE!





Up until this point I still had no idea what to expect as we kept walking through, I knew I was going to see bones but it wasn’t just a few bones it was millions!!! INSANE!


On some of the tomb stones you can read where exactly the bones came from. Some bones were originally there from the war and some bones were brought from different places through out history in Paris. The different places where bones were found vary from churches, hospitals and more..


Skull art.. that was a first..


The details through out the caves were incredible. Amazing to see how something like this can be built underground, the magnitude of this place was so impressive!





It took us about an hour and a half to get through all the way to the other side.. be prepared though. Those same steps you had to walk down are the same steps you have to walk up to get out. At least you got your workout for the day!

Once you exit the caves there is a catacombs themed gift shop with a bunch of cool stuff!



Once you exit the gift shop you’ll realize you are now on a completely different side of Paris! It was in this moment that I realized how much we really walked down there..

Catacombs exit address: 36 Rue Rémy Dumoncel, 75014 Paris
I’m going to be honest, visiting the Catacombs was definitely a one time thing for me but something I am very glad to have seen and experienced. If you are in Paris for October I think it would be a perfect halloween themed experience or if you just want to do something out of the ordinary and learn about another side of Paris it could perfect as well.
As always, thanks for reading!
xx Shalize

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