How moving abroad has changed my life- Travel Inspo

Hi guys!

With the New Year coming up, I’m sure a lot of us are beginning to contemplate what we want our new years resolutions to be or how we want the next year to be better than the last..

With that said, in today’s post I want to talk about how moving abroad and traveling has changed my life for the better and why I think traveling is so important!

I feel like a lot of us get stuck in this cycle, especially in my country. We are constantly trying to live up to the standards and mapped out plan that our family, community, friends and whoever else expects from us..and some of us might have ended up in a place where we are constantly dreaming of things and making ourselves comfortable by  living vicariously through other peoples social media accounts.


You ever have the feeling of just wanting to LEAVE? You should.

Think about it, have you ever traveled? I mean REALLY traveled.. for more than two weeks, not on a planned family vacation, not on an all inclusive cruise with planned site seeing hours.. have you ever allowed yourself to just be free in a completely different place with enough time to indulge in a complete different culture to learn and see things in a new way? If you haven’t yet. You should.

Now, to be completely honest.. I’ve always been a dreamer, super optimistic, always trying new things, name it. So I’m not exactly sure if the fact that I ended up falling in love and marrying a french man and then moving to a foreign country was a complete surprise to my family and friends. BUT, if that isn’t you.. if you are reserved.. never really traveled..maybe you’ve never done anything on your own.. maybe you work behind a desk all week.. afraid to take chances or do something completely unplanned and out of the ordinary..EVEN MORE REASON TO DO IT!

Disclaimer: I am fully aware that chucking up the deuces and leaving your home country and everything and everyone behind to start a new life is a reach (big time).. but what I hope this post can do for you is inspire you to buy that plane ticket to leave for a month of travel, continue focusing on saving your money to go on that backpacking trip across Asia, or whatever it may be that’s on your mind.. I hope that with this New Year coming around you will make your travel dreams come true, because I can promise you that traveling is the most rewarding and beneficial experience you will ever go through.


How moving abroad has changed my life for the better:


I’m happier- I’ve learned more about myself:

From the moment I got off the plane to join my husband here in France.. I felt a sense of freedom that I never have before, It’s almost like I got a second chance at life. Like my life was beginning RIGHT NOW. From learning a new language and culture, to being pushed to try new things, meeting new and different types of people.. it has forced me to become more independent physically and mentally, and thats a good thing.  Within all of those trials I’ve ended up learning more about myself thinking more and thinking differently. I’ve been able to contemplate and really think about what I THINK life is about and think about what I truly want out of it WITHOUT considering the guidelines and expectations that our home countries have laid out for us. With my life being more private due to the distance- I have no pressures from society or people around  me… I am living my life with my little family exactly the way I want to.. and it is truly the best feeling.. and also a feeling I would have never known had I not ended up here.


I’ve learned who my real friends are: 

The phone works both ways right? It takes effort to make sure a friendship is treated well and healthy. It should be valued the same whether there is a little amount of distance or a big amount. The moments I do get to have with my friends now mean more, and although its tough sometimes to not just be able to call each other and hang out… True colors have been shown and I’ve learned that when it comes to friendships, it’s all about quality over quantity.


I’ve developed new skills:

From starting an entire new career teaching english and now learning a foreign language myself. There is a WORLD of possibilities and you should never stop learning.


I’ve gained a different point of view: 

Regardless of what we think.. where we live, the people we are surrounded with and just about every little thing you can think of helps influence your point of view. It’s not until you literally GET OUT and realize WOW.. all of those things I was stressed about, some of those things that I thought were important.. surprise.. they don’t even matter!



I’ve Become more patient: Accepting of different types of people and cultures: 

Every culture is different, every culture has things that make them different and makes them who they are. With that said, being in a different country.. as you can imagine, sometimes has it’s pros and cons. It’s often that we might feel like some things people do from other cultures are weird, or we don’t agree with it, we might even hate it.. but guess what?? Those same people are probably thinking the same thing about YOU. One of the most important things I’ve realized is that there is no “Right” way to live. You live the way you are taught and you do what’s right based on your own culture and upbringing. So, when it comes to being in a different country you have no choice but to accept things and people just the way they are.. and most importantly if you have enough time in the place you’ll even begin to realize and learn more about WHY they are the way they are the way they are and why they do things the way they do- therefor giving you a better understanding to then hopefully become more accepting of different types of people and cultures. It’s life changing!


I’ve become more confident: 

Through everything that I’ve encountered, achieved and over come transitioning to a new country.. I feel UNSTOPPABLE. Transitioning to a new country is probably one of the hardest thing you can ever do.. but I did it.. and now more than ever I feel like I have the power to do ANYTHING I put my mind to.. and that feels AWESOME.




My pallet has changed and my taste buds have benefitted:

I love different foods now, foods I never even thought I’d be bold enough to try before. But that’s what life is about! Trying new things. I’ve been exposed to a different type of cuisine and a different way of eating and enjoying food and I LOVE it. There is a WORLD of amazing food out there and its meant to be eaten!



In conclusion..

If it’s on your mind do it.

If you aren’t happy with where you are and what you are doing change it.

So cliche…  but we have ONE life.. don’t waste it wishing and dreaming. Do something different. Make it the life you’ve always dreamed of, because you have the power to do so!

As always, thanks for reading.

xx Shalize














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