Christmas in France: Orleans and Paris Christmas Markets

Hi everyone! 

Im back after a long and fulfilling holiday season here in France with my family and friends! It was definitely necessary for me to detach a little from social media and blogging to give myself a chance to be present and enjoy this special time of year and it felt GREAT! 

Growing up in Florida the holiday season never really felt like the holiday’s.. although I knew nothing other than a warm and sunny Christmas. We all grow up watching the same holiday movies and if you are like me, you’ve grown up dreaming of a Christmas like the ones you see in the movies. 

Living in France has introduced me to all new type of Christmas fantasy. It is absolutely MAGICAL in this country, right out of a story book! With a combination of the beautiful decorations around the entire city and the Christmas markets. Christmas in France will exceed your expectations and make all your Christmas dreams come true. 

This year I was able to enjoy the Orleans Christmas market in the city I live in and also got a chance to go visit 2 of the many Christmas markets in Paris! 

Christmas markets throughout the country usually open Late November and end early January. Giving you pleenntyyy of time to indulge in the Christmas spirt!

 Orleans Christmas Market 2018

This year the market had a New Orleans theme- Did you know Orleans and New Orleans are sister cities??


Views from the top of the Ferris Wheel! 

Orleans Christmas market 2018
Orleans Christmas Market
Orleans France- Christmas market
Orleans Christmas Market
Orleans France- Christmas Market
Orleans Christmas Market

Ice skating and a mini roller coaster!

Ice skating- Orleans Christmas Market
Ice Skating!


What are Christmas Markets really about though?? EATING AND DRINKING (In my opinion)

Here are some of my favorites from the Christmas Market in Orleans!

img_0520 2
Hot chocolate


Hot wine- Orleans Christmas market
Hot wine- Red or white!
img_0321 2
Beignet- Orleans France Christmas market
Processed with VSCO with 6 preset
Nutella M&M Beignet

IMG_0534 2.jpg

Boules au Chocolat- Orleans Christmas market
Boules au Chocolat- CHOCOLATE BALLS (filled with marshmallow)
Boules au chocolat
img_0507 2
Boules au chocolat with marshmallow filling!


img_0496 2
Tartiflette – Cheese, Potatoes and BACON
img_0478 2
img_0483 2
img_0487 2
Cheese- and Sausage!!
img_0636 2
and Pretzels with bacon..
img_0495 3
and more bread and cheese

And the best part was having our family here with us to enjoy it!


Our moms!

img_1885 2

G’s parents!


The day after Christmas my mom and I headed to Paris to try and see what we could discover in the Christmas markets there. While they were pretty much they same with a bunch rides, drinks and tons of food.. what made the Christmas markets in Paris different were the backdrops!

Paris Christmas market- Eiffel Tower Christmas market
Eiffel Tower Christmas market

It basically felt like we were right under the Eiffel Tower, SO COOL!

Eiffel Tower Christmas Market Paris


We also had some time to visit the Christmas Market at Jardin Des Tulieries walking distance from the Louvre museum which was a lot bigger with more options for food and things to do for children!



And while this just looks like a plain old hot dog.. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Saucisse Grille- Chez Vincent- Jardin Des Tuileries Christmas Market

and to finish the day… Ice Skating inside of Le Grand Palais!


Le Grande Palais
Le Grand Palais Ice skating!



Once the sun went down, there was an amazing light show with music!


It was such a cool experience ice skating in such a beautiful place!

This year’s Christmas in France was a perfect way to end 2018! If you haven’t spent a Christmas in France yet or even Europe in general… add it to your bucket list. You won’t regret it.


I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season!! Happy New Year from us!

xx Shalize

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