TEFL Certification with ITTT

Hi guys!

I am pleased to announce I have just recently completed my certification to teach english as a foreign language anywhere in the WORLD woohoo!

The company:

I did my certification online with ITTT.


Which program:

I did the 120 hour online course with tutor and video.

Cost: $349

Tutor and Video: The tutor and video aspect of the course was extremely helpful for me. You have a tutor available at anytime you need to answer any of your questions regarding the course, they respond by email within 24 hours.. for me sometimes sooner.

ITTT also offers in person courses and combined courses at various facilities throughout the entire world! So if you are a more hands on learner OR if staying at home in your pjs to learn is your thing.. You have options!

The course:

The entire course is made up of 20 chapters. Each chapter varying in the amount of pages, so some might take longer than others. At the end of each chapter there are optional worksheets you can use to test the skills you obtained in that specific chapter (optional). When you are ready, with each chapter there is a test you must complete and pass.

After completing all chapters and all tests you will then have to create an hour long lesson plan with the topic/subject given to you that will be accessed and added to your score along with your test grades through out the entire course.

The course itself was very organized, well written and simple. With a combination of the videos, help from a tutor and reading the chapters in the online textbook..I was able to feel confident with what I had learned in each chapter that went by.

The videos are made to look exactly as if you were in a real classroom with a real teacher! They were most helpful for me when I was having trouble getting something or wanted a deeper explanation and understanding.

You have 6 months to fully complete the full course. I did mine in 3! You make it last as long or not so long as you want!

Passing the course:

To pass the course and receive your certification you need to have satisfactorily completed all 20 tests with an overall score of 75% minimum in addition to completing a proper lesson plan.

Once you turn in your final lesson plan you will receive your results within 24 hours!(You do a at least 3 chances to resubmit your lesson plan if need be. If you have a tutor the tutor should be able to help you with any mistakes or corrections.)

Receiving your certificate: 

There are a few different options to choose from for how you wish to receive your certificate, I chose to have mine delivered by regular mail which was free of charge. It arrived within 2 weeks!

Teaching english abroad is a perfect way to be able to travel the world while maintaining a stable income! With my TEFL certification, I know that no matter where in the world  my husband and I end up I’ll always be able to teach english!!


I have good news! 

I’ve partnered with ITTT to offer you guys with a 15% off discount from ANY of the classes they offer! How amazing!

tefl now

To apply right away use this link: ITTT- TEFL application

More information: ITTT- more info.

Feel free to let me know if you have any questions regarding the course!



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