Valentines day 2019 in London – What we did!

Hi everyone! 

I recently posted a vlog of our trip to London on my Youtube Channel- MisstoMadame but I also wanted to feature more details about our trip- So here ya go! 🙂

What we did:

  1. Sketch London
  2. Ferry Boat from the Westminster Pier to the London Tower Bridge
  3. Camden Market
  4. Notting Hill-Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea- Portobello Market
  5. SpitalFields Market/Breakfast Club
  6. Tea at the Milestone Hotel

1. Sketch London:

Sketch London

Not only was I excited to go to London AGAIN.. but this time my husband was able to come with me.. FOR VALENTINES DAY! – I wasn’t really sure what to expect out of Valentines day in London considering this Holiday is an American Tradition but we made some exciting plans for our time there and we were NOT left disappointed.

As I’m sure I’ve said plenty of times before, my husband and I LOVE trying new foods and trying to find cool places to visit that are on the “different” side.

After searching instagram for a few hours we were able to find this awesome place called Sketch London which as you can see if you just even look at the front page of the website.. its weird.. cool.. and AWESOME! Which is why we knew that was EXACTLY where we wanted to spend our Valentines day.

There were about 4 rooms to choose from when making the reservation- The Parlour, The lecture room and Library, The gallery and the Glade room which is the room we chose to have lunch in. I mean, it was obviously a super hard decision but the dark woodsy Alice In Wonderland feeling of this room sparked our interest.


For Lunch we both had the Rossini Beef Fillet with seared foie gras in TRUFFLE SAUCE. MHMMMM, Truffle! (Check out the vlog if you’d like to see more)

Each room has a different menu so I’d take a look at all the options available before you make a decision on what room you want to dine in.

IMG_5900IMG_5887 2

The crazy part though, the best part… THE BATHROOM!

Like what?!?



I know, So cool.

One of the other things I liked about this place was the attention to detail, the art on the walls, the employees and servers costumes and personalities.. with everything all tied together it really made it a unique and special experience.

Needless to say Sketch London did not disappoint. It was a truly EPIC experience.

2. Ferry Boat from Westminster Pier to the London Tower Bridge: 

After visiting Buckingham Palace we took a walk through a park near by and ended up at Big Ben.. since Big Ben is still under construction we kept it moving and made our way to the Westminster Pier which is where you can catch a ferry and enjoy a nice ride on the water to get to the London Tower Bridge.

You can also use your oyster card for the trip!



3. Camden Market: 

Camden Market

It was actually my second time going to Camden Market so I had to bring my husband this time around because I felt completely guilty going without him. If you want to read a little more about Camden Market as well as The Top ten things I think you should do when you visit London, check out my other post “Top ten things to do in London” for more details!

What we ate in Camden Market: Only Jerkin

Looks like normal friend chicken and fries.. but it’s NOT!

Here’s what we got.

Fried Chicken Nuggets triple dipped in a ginger beer batter

served with jerk fries, creamy coleslaw, homemade dips or jerk gravy

Mango, coconut and honey fried chicken strips triple dipped in a cream soda batter

served with jerk fries, creamy coleslaw, homemade dips or jerk gravy

and it was just YUMMY.. so if you go… TRY IT!




4. Notting Hill-Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea- Portobello Market

I had been wanting to visit Notting Hill for a while- so like most things, I had it on my list of places I wanted to go visit.. what I didn’t know is that there are also really cool/pretty places around it.

Once we got off the train in “Notting Hill” we got a little lost and ended up walking around in the “Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea.. and we are so happy we did. Such a charming neighborhood with some of the most beautiful streets that eventually le led to Notting Hills which is where you’ll find the pretty pastel colored apartments and townhomes. I LOVED IT. – I think this was probably my favorite part of the trip.

Not too far from there we ran into Portobello Market- a smaller market but I did buy this really cute purse there that is apparently hand made from Nepal.

This purse was about 35 pounds- and they had a bunch of different colors- designs and sizes.


IMG_6212IMG_6099IMG_6100 2

5. SpitalFields Market/Breakfast Club:

SpitalFields Market

Breakfast Club

Spitalfields market is located in the Shore Ditch area- another London food market filled with clothes and MORE FOOD! It was a nice place to visit and walk around while we waited for our table to be ready at the Breakfast Club.

The Breakfast Club was so fun.

Upon walking in, it immediately had the same feeling as what it feels like to walk into a club… So maybe that’s why it’s called Breakfast club..? 😉

Loud music- cool vibes- with an awesome hip n trendy decor to go with it. It felt like we were on a music video set!

It had a 90’s feel to it and from what I can remember most of the music playing was from around that era so it was cool to jam to some old music while indulging in all the breakfast club goodness.

Fun Fact: There was an old school refrigerator inside, it looked like it was just apart of the decor but it was actually a door that led to the bar next door that was connected to the restaurant. Unfortunately there was a private party going on that day so we weren’t able to go check it out.. but we will definitely to remember to try on our next trip!

Anyway, not only was the whole vibe on point..


We basically feasted as you can see.. and it was ALL well worth it.

I had the chicken and waffles! 2 thumbs up!


6. Afternoon tea at the Milestone Hotel:

Milestone Hotel

I couldn’t let us leave London without having a proper “Tea Time” so I researched some of the top places to have tea in the Kensington area- since it was the last area that we wanted to visit before we got on the bus back to France.

Such a cute, quaint and appropriate place for an afternoon tea!

While they do offer a full on English tea experience that is a little more on the pricer side and requires a reservation- you do have an option to grab tea in their back room/bar area without a reservation.

I loved how British it felt at the hotel (am I allowed to say that?) – it was super fancy and gave us that exact feeling that we wanted to feel while having tea in London (Like royalty.. duh.. haha.) The staff was great and so was the tea and ambience.


Click Here to watch our VLOG for a better look at everything we did: London VLOG

As always, thanks for reading!

xx Shalize








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