Visiting the Chateau De Blois | Blois France


Since moving to France, I’ve quickly realized that France has so much more to offer than just the big cities like Paris..

And to be honest you can’t really trust the french people to talk the smaller cities up.. I’ve noticed that almost every person I talk to that is from Paris thinks so little of the smaller cities that the country has to offer.

In my opinion everything that I’ve encountered outside of Paris is completely magical and different in its own way, and there’s always a cool Cathedral or Castle to see!

Just like the city of Blois.

Chateau De Blois


I’ve been living about 45/50 minutes away from Blois for 2 years now (I live in Orleans France) and after visiting.. I’m like why hasn’t my husband or anyone else at that mentioned how beautiful this place is?!?

Another thing that I’ve noticed is that when things are familiar and cathedrals, castles and European architecture have been a part of your life your whole entire life.. It becomes impossible to see things the same way that I see it as an American..

Just like how I view Florida. It’s nothing very special to me, I grew up there. It’s definitely not where I would want to vacation or spend my free time but some people dream of going there!

So, I get it.

Anyway! Back to the point of this post.. Blois is beautiful and I really enjoyed getting a chance to visit this cute little city for a few hours before one of my husbands basketball games.

I didn’t get to see too much of the actual city but I did get a chance to take a tour around the Chateau De Blois and have lunch right outside of it!

I was able to get a few pictures of the inside but it doesn’t really do it justice! It was incredible to realize what such a “small” city in France had to offer as far as the history and architecture that is behind this beautiful chateau.


and probably my most favorite part of the day. Lunch right outside of it with this beautiful view.

There is a restaurant right outside of the Chateau. It was perfect! – I had the onion soup.

My husbands teammates girlfriend Asia came along with me that day to explore the city and the chateau. We had a perfect girls day!

If you’d like to see more of our visit to the city of Blois and more of inside of the chateau you can watch the VLOG here: Visiting Blois France | Chateau De Blois

As always thanks for reading!

xx Shalize

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