Visiting Lisbon Portugal | 7 things to do in Lisbon!


Back in France from a wonderful 4 day weekend in Lisbon Portugal!

{Click here to watch my Lisbon VLOG: Visting Lisbon Portugal}

A pretty spontaneous Portugal trip actually…

My friend Clementine and I had been wanting to do a trip together for so long! Clementine is actually one of the very first friends I made here in France while both of our husbands were playing on the same team in Rouen.

We knew we wanted to go somewhere but we went back and forth trying to find a good destination for a while… Im pretty sure we would’ve gone just ANYWHERE that just had some SUNSHINE- the weather has been pretty BAD here in France lately…lots of rain and clouds and cold… and more rain. Funnnnnnn!

She suggested going to Lisbon because she lived there while she was in school and hadn’t been back for a long time. To be honest Portugal/Lisbon was never really on my travel radar but I’m always down for an unexpected new experience so I said yes without hesitation! Discovering a place I had no expectations about made it that much better!

It was bright, sunny and colorful. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was chill and fun… my favorite part though… the entire city is right on the beach!

Here’s what we did…

Let’s start off with food because let’s be honest… that was probably my favorite part.

1. Eat & Drink!

Canto Saudade:

An authentic Portuguese restaurant located in the heart of the city!

Fresh Pineapple juice!


These were two of the 3 options for Bacalhau (made from Cod fish) available… it was SO GOOD. You’ve got to try it for yourself!

Last but not least don’t forget to try a shot of Ginjinha at some point during your trip. It’s “The Liquor of Portugal”- it tastes like super sweet cherries and it’s served inside of a chocolate cup!


A PCOS friendly restaurant with all your gluten free/vegan needs!

I was beyond excited finding this restaurant. Traveling is not easy having a gluten intolerance and while I want to enjoy and try the food wherever I’m visiting it does take a toll on my body… I was happy to find a healthy spot, and it exceeded my expectations!

Coxinha de Frango: It’s basically a fried dough ball with chicken inside but don’t let the simplicity fool you into thinking it’s just average tasting!

Pastel de nata: It’s pretty much like a flan with a butter crust around it!

Snails aka Caracois:

Sounds scary, I know. I was shocked walking through the streets of Lisbon… there were snails on basically EVERYONES table. I thought it was just a French thing… but Portugal’s got the snails too, and plenty of them! AND they are actually pretty yummy!


It’s not only amazing in Italy!

2. Catch a panoramic view of the city! 

There are plenty of places where you can get an amazing view of the entire city. Lisbon is just gorgeous from up above!

Miradouro de Santa Luzia
Miradouro das Portos do Sol


2 options: You can pretty much hike uphill through out the city (like we did… BOOTY WORKOUT) to reach one of the view points or you can take the tram…

3. Take a tram through the city! 

Even if you decide to walk most of your time spent in Lisbon, a ride on the historical tram is still well work it!



On the tram!

It was fun being able to sit and enjoy the views from a different point of view…

These little cars are available too!


4. Go to the beach!

There are plenty of amazing beaches to choose from near Lisbon.

We went to Lagoa de Albufeira, it’s cool because you have the option of going to the lagoon area that has shallow waters and warmer water…


Then a few steps away you have the ocean! It’s perfect!


5. Take a walk on the pier near Almada Laranjeiro overlooking the River Tejo!

You have the option of taking the ferry from Lisbon to the city of Almada and there are plenty of things to do right when you get off the boat!

Along the pier you have tons of restaurants to choose from over looking the River Tejo with an amazing view of Lisbon and the Ponte 25 de Abril.

6. Visit the Cristo Rei!

Overlooking the city of Almada is the Cristo Rei, a catholic monument. When we went it was closed and we couldn’t get very close to it… but I’ve been told when you are up at the top near the Cristo Rei there are some amazing panoramic views!

7. Lisbon by night! 

It’s a big party outside!!

We went out on Saturday night to see what was going on at night and it was pretty busy out on the streets! My favorite part was the colorful decor draping over the streets and the night lights!


So moral of the story is… if Lisbon is not yet on your travel list… Add it!

If you’d like to see the vlogged version of this trip and watch my experience eating snails… yum….

Click here to watch my Lisbon VLOG: Visiting Lisbon Portugal

As always thanks for reading!


xx Shalize

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