Life update August 2019: We’re staying in Orleans, starting University and more!

Hi everyone and welcome back!

If you follow my instagram page @misstomadame_you’re pretty much up to date with what’s been going on in my life/our lives over here in France and other places the last few months.

It’s safe to say that the last few months have been pretty busy… in a good way! And while I’m constantly trying to make MisstoMadame a priority in my life… sometimes… it doesn’t always work out as I planned…But im working on it!

Here’s a little current life update about whats happened in the last few months!

We’re staying in Orleans!!!

We moved to Orleans exactly two years ago and it was never quite clear how long we would actually be living here. Basketball/sports in general can be tricky and it can easily mean moving to a different city each year, like it has been for my husband who started playing basketball professionally 6 years ago…Can you believe he has moved every year for 6 years!?!? It could’ve been one year in Orleans… but luckily were are now going into our 3rd year/season living in this beautiful little city and we are happy about it!!!

This past June my husband and his team won the playoffs! Which was a huge deal for my husband and our family! (what an exciting moment) Going into this next season he will still be playing with the same team in Orleans “OLB”, but because they won the playoffs they now advanced to the first league and will be playing in the top division in France which is called Jeep Elite formerly known as Pro A.


Watch “Winning the playoffs VLOG”: OLB wins the pro B playoffs!

Im going back to school!! 

Literally would’ve never thought I’d be so excited to go back to school. 

But I’m ecstatic! Really.

I’ve done a lot of things in my life for the past few years backwards and on my own time, and although school was not my first priority while I allowed myself to run free and pursue a variety of different things in my early 20s… It was always in my grand plan to eventually go back to school…

and the time has finally come!

I am going to be studying with the UK Open University where I will be studying online for the next few years to finish my studies in Business Management.

I will get more into what the Open University is and how it actually works in a different post.

To sum it up: I will be able to complete my studies fully online (in english) while living in France and when I complete my program, I will have my graduation ceremony in London!

My first year with OU begins this October and will finish in June. 🙂

We had the summer of our lives!!!

In addition to all of lives changes that have come our way recently, my husband and I are back home after a full month of travel in July! 

It was incredible!

Our first stop in the beginning of July was to Tokyo which was pretty much a full week of stuffing our faces and eating anything and everything in sight… it wassss… great. We celebrated our two year wedding anniversary 2 years already??!? and also got to spend time with Gaylor’s oldest brother who has been living there for the last 10 years! (VLOG/BLOG coming soon)



After Japan, we headed to Guadeloupe (a french island not far from Puerto Rico) for a little under two weeks. Guadeloupe is where Gaylor’s father was born and raised, it’s also where his grandmother lives and a few other extended family members.

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset

I’m planning on writing a separate post this week about all the details from our trip to Guadeloupe so I won’t get too into in this post but if you would like to check out or VLOG from the trip you can find it here!

Guadeloupe VLOG: Our trip to Guadeloupe!

This past July was a very special moment for us, and we felt so blessed to be able to share such amazing opportunity to travel and discover new places together.

We’re now ready to get back into a routine, G with his basketball season, and me with teaching (english), studying, and of course documenting all of my experiences as an expat along the way.


Almost forgot… (maybe on purpose) I just turned 28, on July 30th.

And with every birthday that comes along, I like to use it as a sort of refresh button to reevaluate myself and create new goals and dreams that are going to motivate me for my next year ahead. It’s safe to say that I’m pretty confident that I’m off to a good start and I’m looking forward to being more committed to MisstoMadame along the way.


As always thanks for reading!

xx Shalize





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