Sensoji Temple

Visiting Tokyo, Japan: Where we ate!

I love you Tokyo.

But most of all I love your food.

As I’ve mentioned before, my husband and I went on a HUGE summer vacation this year. Japan was actually our first destination which took place in the beginning of July and we ended the month with our 10 day trip to Guadeloupe.

Guadeloupe Blog & Full Details: Guadeloupe Blog Post

Guadeloupe VLOG: Watch the Guadeloupe vlog here!

What you might not know is that we didn’t just decide on going to Japan randomly!

Watch full Tokyo food tour here: Visiting Tokyo VLOG – What we ate!!

Our main reason for going was to visit Gaylor’s oldest brother Sydney, who has been living in Japan for 10 years now. We really do have family alllll over the world!

My mom/my family in Florida…

Gaylor and I and his parents in France…

My other brother in law Funch and his girlfriend Jessica in London but soon Canada?!

and Sydney in Japan….


Literally all over the world.

We went to Japan for 7 days with honestly the smallest amount of preparation ever. We didn’t want to overwhelm ourselves with too much planning and scheduling…in addition to the fact that we decided to stay in Tokyo for the whole trip instead of venturing to some of the other top destinations in Japan (we’ll save those for next time).

We took this time to just enjoy being in Tokyo with Sydney, and we also celebrated our two year wedding anniversary while we were there! ❤

and what did we learn during our trip…

Tokyo has great food.

Here’s what we ate/did:

Okonomyaki at: Sakura Tei

According to wikipedia: “Okonomiyaki is a Japanese savory pancake containing a variety of ingredients. The name is derived from the word okonomi, meaning “how you like” or “what you like”, and yaki meaning “cooked”. Okonomiyaki is mainly associated with the Kansai or Hiroshima areas of Japan, but is widely available throughout the country.”

Sakura Tei Tokyo
Sakura Tei Tokyo
Sakura Tei Tokyo

Yakitori @: Toriyoshi Akasaka

The Japanese version of bbq, looks simple but was so so good… especially because this restaurant was all you can eat and we did that just that…

Ramen @: Got Subo

My brother in law brought us here because his friend is a chef at this restaurant. I’m not even exactly sure if it’s considered an actual restaurant because it’s pretty much like a small bar with about 5/6 bar stools along the counter where people eat quickly and go. (There are actually a lot of places like this in Tokyo)

Oh, and your order ramen from a vending machine outside!


Gotsubo Tokyo | Ramen


Gotsubo Tokyo | Ramen

I always thought of Ramen as this…..


But turns out you haven’t had real ramen until you’ve had ramen that looks and tastes like…..



Gotsubo Tokyo | Ramen

Deff. the best thing I had in Tokyo besides sushi and sashimi of course. We’ll get to that soon…

Udon @: Taniya Ningyocho


Udon in tokyo


You won’t have a hard time finding this at all. Typical Street food, easy to find anywhere!

Takoyaki Tokyo
Takoyaki Tokyo

Tsukiji Fish Market:

You haven’t had sashimi until you’ve had it here. 

Tsukiji fish market
Tsukiji fish market
Tsukiji fish market
Tsukiji fish market
tsukiji market
tsukiji market

Sake at Kurand sake market @: Kurand Sake Ueno

Unlimited self serve sake for 30euros!

It was the perfect way to be able to try literally any kind of sake and discover all of the different flavors/styles that are available. Endless options and drinking lol.

Kurand Sake Market Ueno
Kurand Sake Market Ueno
Kurand Sake Market Ueno
Kurand Sake Market Ueno
Kurand Sake Market Ueno

Sushi. Of course @: Sushi Midori

What surprised me most is the ratio between the fish and the rice. They are deff cheating us every where else, the fish is HUGE in japan and the rice is small.

Every where else the rice wins. Hmmm.

Midori Sushi Tokyo
Midori Sushi Tokyo
Midori Sushi Tokyo
Midori Sushi Tokyo

Burgers? @: Burger Mania Ebisu

It shocked me when I asked my brother in law what his favorite food in Tokyo was and he said burgers…

but I understood after eating.

burger mania Ebisu
burger mania Ebisu
burger mania Ebisu
burger mania Ebisu

Rainbow things @: Kawaii Monster Cafe

Honestly, not worth all the hype.

I was so excited to go to this cafe after seeing all the cool insta posts from influencers…

It’s funny now, but my husband and I felt completely out of place haha.

Literally felt like Chuck E Cheese- Tokyo Style. Maybe it’d be worth it to go back one day once we have children though!

Kawaii Monster Cafe
Kawaii Monster Cafe
Kawaii Monster Cafe

Kobe Beef @: Mon cher ton ton Rappongi

Naturally, I saved the best for last.

This was our 2 years anniversary gift to ourselves and although it was on the pricier side, it was well worth it.

I might have lied when I said the ramen and sushi were my favorite. It’s ok to have a few favorites though right?

All I gotta say it… (like many things in Japan).

You haven’t had beef until you’ve had Kobe beef and you haven’t had Kobe beef until you’ve had it in Japan!

If this post didn’t make you hungry I don’t know what will.

Brb. Gonna go eat now.



As always thanks for reading.

xx Shalize

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