Mom comes to France: Tours France, Paris Summer market and boat tour, Orleans light show at the Cathedral

Bonjour! and Welcome back!

It’s been a long 6 months since the last time I’ve seen my mom, to some of you that might be completely normal but to an only child who was raised by just her mom…it’s a stretch and like I’ve said many times before, easily the hardest part about living abroad.

This trip was a short one and we really made the most of our time while she was here for just a little under 10 days.

To watch the full VLOG click here (and if you haven’t already, don’t forget to subscribe to my channel!) : My mom had a panic attack on the ferris wheel/ Mom’s visit to France vlog

Here’s what we did!

Tours France:

Tours France is a city located about an hour and 15 minutes away from where I live in Orleans France. I have been hearing so many good things about this city for quite some time now, so I thought it’d be a perfect opportunity for us to get out of Orleans and see what else is out there around us.

Like most places, went without any idea of what to expect but we were pleasantly surprised with what the city had to offer.

I’d say it’s a smaller more quaint version of Orleans but still like most french cities, lots of restaurants charming small streets, a huge cathedral and a chateau!

We also had a great lunch at L’Universe Tours!


Boat tour through Paris + Paris Summer market: 

This is about the  4th time my mom has come to France/Paris and although I would’ve liked to visit somewhere in the south of France with her we just didn’t have enough time. BUT we are lucky to just be an hour away from Paris and luckily there is always something new and fun to do there.

So I thought….what better way to discover another side of Paris then by boat through the seine.

We did our boat tour with Bateaux Parisiens!



IMG_2475_Facetune_24-08-2019-08-27-28 3.JPG

The tour was perfect, there was endless amounts of space on the roof of the boat where we could have a clear view of just about everything. We sailed one way for 30 minutes and then turned around and sailed back to the dock for the last 30 minutes giving us a clear view to catch all the sights regardless of where we were sitting.



6D0710EE-22C4-48AB-92ED-A1E106D2377D 3.JPG

Since the boat docked right under the Eiffel tower, once we got back to the dock our intention was to hang out under the Eiffel tower for a little while and grab something to eat.

But we were surprised to see that there was a “Paris summer market” in the exact same spot that they had the Christmas market that we went to together last December.

E1FE1081-62B7-4DBF-ACD7-34916D094C3C 3.JPG

It was a cute concept with a nice theme and decorations.

8C1FACEA-CF59-4A31-90C1-EA7AB4E27681 4.JPG

In place of hot wine and everything Christmas you had a variety of ice cream, Slushies and summer food available to choose from.


And of course the best part, the gorgeous view of the Eiffel tower right above you!

Preseason game to support the husband!

With G’s season starting we were lucky that my mom was here at just the right moment to be able to watch one of his pre season games against Nanterre.

My in laws joined us too!


Summer night light show at the Orleans Cathedral: 

On my moms last night in town we spent the evening having dinner in the city and watched the light show on the cathedral.

IMG_2815 2.JPG

I didn’t get a chance to see the light show the last two years here (not sure why) but I’m glad I finally had the opportunity to.

IMG_2823 3.JPG

IMG_2824 3.JPG

IMG_2812 3.JPG

It was a perfect end to having my mom in town!


It’s always hard to say goodbye but at least we have her next visit to look forward to which is actually just right around the corner in December, AND we’re going to visit Barcelona together!

IMG_5128_Facetune_11-09-2019-13-55-37 2.JPG

Cannot WAIT!!!


As always thanks for reading!

To watch the full VLOG click here: My mom had a panic attack on the ferris wheel in Tours!/ Mom’s visit to France vlog!

xx Shalize

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