Sicilian Beaches & Favignana Island!

Bonjour et Bienvenue,

Wanna know one of the best parts about living in Europe? Well, I’m sure you already know this…

Being able to travel to other countries so easily and for the LOW!

This September I met up with some friends in Sicily, for the last hoorah of the summer.



I’m not sure if I would actually want to live in Italy but I do think out of all the countries I’ve visited so far… Italy is my favorite and that might simply be because of the food.

My experience in Rome 2 years ago was amazing,  but getting to experience a completely different side of Italy with some of the most amazing beaches I’ve ever seen was what really what did it for me.

If Sicily isn’t on your travel bucket list, I suggest you add it.

You’ll understand why… very soon!


I booked my round trip flight from Paris to Palermo through the Opodo app for a whopping 125 euros!

Paris to Palermo with Easy jet


Palermo to Paris with Ryan air


Where we stayed: 

Our Air Bnb Palermo was  a short drive away from Mondello Beach!

Sign up for Air bnb using my link and get $40 off your next stay! Sign up for Airbnb

IMG_1439 2IMG_5364 2

and now for the good stuff…THE BEACHES! 

Where we went:

Mondello Beach

Mondello beach was definitely the most touristy beach we visited. Although it is beautiful, I wouldn’t recommend it if you prefer a more secluded/chill beach day.


Why not throw in some shopping on the beach while we’re at it.



I loved this beach because it was sand free!

I suggest bringing some type of water shoe when traveling to Sicily, the beaches are pretty rocky and my flip flops were not cutting it!





Scopello Village: 

Just around the corner from the beach, Scopello Village.


Dinner at Bar Nettuno

Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello
Bar Nettuno Scopello



San Vito Lo Capo

Complete opposite of Mondello beach, there were only a few people there and it was just perfect!


San Vito Lo Capo
San Vito Lo Capo
IMG_3505 2
San Vito Lo Capo


Favignana Island

We took the boat from Marsala to Favignana Island for 25 euros each round trip with Liberty Lines.

Liberty Lines Marsala
Liberty Lines Marsala
Liberty Lines Marsala


You’ll need some form of transportation while on the island. Lot’s of people are on bikes/electric bikes & scooters. You also have the option of renting a small car!

I rented an electric bike (I honestly can’t remember how much it was lol) but I want to say it was about 25 euros for the day!


We arrived on the island at about 10am and our boat back to Marsala was scheduled for 6pm. So we had a few hours to visit as many beaches as we could. We spent about an hour and a half (sometimes more) at each beach and we are able to visit 4 different ones, all beautiful in their own way!

Cala Rossa

IMG_4135 2
Cala Rossa- Favignana

IMG_4136 2


IMG_4137 2
Cala Rossa- Favignana

Cala Azzurra:

IMG_4170 3
Cala Azzurra- Favignana
Cala Azzurra Favignana
Cala Azzurra- Favignana

Bue Marino

Processed with VSCO with c7 preset
Bue Marino Favignana
IMG_4186 2
Bue Marino Favignana
IMG_4188 2
Bue Marino Favignana
Bue Marino Favignana
Bue Marino Favignana
Bue Marino Favignana
Bue Marino Favignana

Scalo Cavallo




More Food….

Le Antiche Mura Palermo

This was actually our Air bnb Palermo host restaurant. It was just a short drive away from where we were staying and the food was amazing!

Le Antiche Mura Palermo
IMG_4065 2
Le Antiche Mura Palermo
IMG_4067 2
Le Antiche Mura Palermo
IMG_4071 2
Le Antiche Mura Palermo
IMG_4073 2
Le Antiche Mura Palermo
IMG_4074 2
Le Antiche Mura Palermo

Poldo 2 Mondello

Mondello has a nice downtown area full of a bunch of restaurants and bars!

IMG_4258 2
Poldo 2 Mondello
Poldo 2 Mondello
IMG_4266 2
Poldo 2 Mondello

and what’s Italy without a Cannoli…or 2.



Sicily, you did not disappoint. 

As always,

Thanks for reading!

xx Shalize

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