“Moving abroad changed my life!”: 5 reasons


I’m so happy to be back here and writing again. It’s been quite a while… but I haven’t been completely inactive (promise). I’ve been taking some time to develop my youtube channel but during that time I realized something was missing… WRITING…BLOGGING…I love writing. It helps me gather my thoughts, think clearly and it just makes me feel good! So… with that said, I’ve decided to do both!

For each video that I post on my channel I will have a blog post to go with it.

Something available for those of you who prefer reading and those of you who prefer to watch me stumble over my words haha (speaking to a camera is hard!). 

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More of a reader?? Keep reading!

Moving abroad changed my life!

I knew moving to a new country would change me. I knew it would change my life, my surroundings. I knew it would change the way I eat, dress and probably the way I speak…

But what I didn’t know is that living in a different country would change me, forever.

Let me explain…

  1. I’m brave, my self confidence has improved. 

For starters, the decision to even move in the first place was a HUGE step for me. It required me to put all of my faith in God AND trust in me and my husbands relationship… Honestly everything was scary in the beginning. I was moving to a new country to start a new life, as a wife AND not to mention… they don’t speak english in France! (I mean, some people do but you can’t rely on it). Anyway, wait what??

Making such a big life decision put me in a place where I kind of had no choice but to take charge of my life and be confident in the choices that I had just made. I was put in a position where I had no option but to move forward with this new life of mine with a completely different mindset. I basically just didn’t allow myself to show or feel fear. I’m not sure if I can explain it well enough for anyone to understand if you aren’t going through the experience yourself but being in a different country is nerve wracking. I remember being nervous for nearly everything. Maybe it was because I didn’t speak french? Or maybe because everything looked and felt different… I’m not exactly sure, but what was for sure was that it all brought out a new version of myself that I had not seen before. Every single situation that I was in pushed me out of my comfort zone and pushed me to be brave.

When you move abroad, you will find yourself alone at times…  lonely maybe. You will find yourself with no friends… (at first). You will find yourself with nothing to do or having no idea where to go. It’s normal… it was important for me to accept the fact that I was transitioning.  I had forced myself to try to speak french. I had to, if I expected to communicate with anyone. I pushed myself (my husband pushed me too) to do things on my own if my husband was busy. I took walks, I explored, I ate lunch on my own…(you wouldn’t catch me doing that in America haha) and each step that I took, regardless of how difficult it was slowly started to change me and continues to change me… those experiences improved my self confidence.

I have this feeling like, if I can get through transitioning to a new country… I can do anything.

2. I’m more culturally aware and it allowed me to work on myself. 

I’ve had the opportunity to learn about an entire new culture and experience an entire new way of life. I’ve been able to notice things about people and the way they speak, I’ve learned about their values, what they find important and what they don’t find important. I have been able to see things that I really value about this culture and way of life and also see things that I disagree with or don’t necessarily like.

Having this opportunity, put me in a position to take a deeper look at myself and who I am as an American girl and a just a person in general. I started thinking about what I think is important and why, I started thinking more about the way I carry myself, the way I speak and why I do things the way I do. This all put me in a place where I began to self evaluate. And through that self evaluation I began picking and choosing pieces from each culture that I wanted to be apart of me and my life… and things that I didn’t want as apart of my life.

I’ve been able to mold myself, into what I think is the best version of me.

Cultural awareness has helped to know more and understand another culture but it has also taught me about myself. This is special.

3. I’m less judgemental.

This one kind of goes hand in hand with being more culturally aware. 

As I began to see people and the world differently, I began to be more accepting.

Accepting of different peoples behaviours and personalities, and not only with just strangers or people I’ve just met…but my friends and family as well. I’ve learned that we all come from different places, backgrounds and cultures, and those different cultures a lot of the time determine large parts of how we behave.

The more I’ve gone outside of my “normal” the more I learned that everyones normal is different. I have no place to judge, or be angry about the way that anyone chooses to do things or make decisions. I might not always agree with things, but I accept it.

There’s some sort of peace that comes along with that.

4. I’m Independent.

It’s easy to always want to associate independence with how you’re able to manage on your own. Yes,  I am independent in this way and have grown to be independent in this way…but the way that I’ve become Independent since moving abroad is more so about how I make my decisions.

I’m so far away, theres a time difference, and the amount of people in my immediate life has been reduced significantly (for the time being).  There have been a lot of times where I have been pushed to make decisions on my own just because of the simple fact that no one else is around or available to help me make that decision. At first that was difficult, because I was used to relying on people to kind of take on big decisions with me..  but I was forced to learn how to take them on my own and it actually benefitted me.

Everyone is different, and if you’re putting in my shoes you might not be able to relate. but I feel like having less people around me, and removing those societal pressures has allowed me to base my decisions solely on what I want and what I think is best for me.

I think it is important to consider other peoples opinions and thoughts when decision making, especially from those you love…but I think it’s important to have balance and not have to rely on it.

5. I’m happyyyyyy!

For a lot of different reasons.

Sometimes I imagine… what if I didn’t have the courage to continue this relationship with my husband that seemed insane at first. Or what if I had gotten too scared and decided I didn’t want to get married and I didn’t want to move… I probably would of thought “what if” for the rest of my life…

My decision, as scary as it was back then has made me the happiest I have ever been in my life.

I’m happy with my experiences, the things I’ve learned, the person I’ve become and still am becoming and I’m sure none of this would have happened if I stayed in my own country.

If you’re considering moving abroad or its your dream to move abroad to follow a loved one like me or just to try something new… DO IT!

I encourage you to do whatever you can to make that dream come true. You will be faced with difficulties. It will be challenging… But going through that and facing those challenges head on will change you… and I’m sure with time you’ll be glad you did it.

Most importantly, I’m sure you’ll be proud of the person you’ve become.

As always,

Thanks for reading!

xx Shalize






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